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Mount Pleasant, Ansty Road

Alternative Addresses:Hinkley Road, Walsgrave, Sowe
I'm not sure about this name. Was there a pleasant view or aspect? From 1863 to 1866 see the BEERHOUSE, Walsgrave, Barson The pub is mentioned in a bequeath of 1868 William Bates, who appears to have been the first owner had 14 milking cows. The pub not only sold beer, but fresh milk as well. Mr Bates was also famously ugly. One day the coach from Hinckley or Leicester stopped at the pub. One traveller nipped into the pub for a swift half. Suddenly the entire coach was in the pub. He had only told his mates that this was the ugliest landlord he had ever seen and they all wanted a look. Mrs Bates used to say 'You rubbed your shoes?' as you entered. That would be the first words of greeting. Her nephew said she didn't want any custom, just a couple of regulars for company for Mr Bates. Bates used to help himself and not in glasses but in mugs. They used to fetch the beer from the cellar in big white enamel jugs and for Bates and his regular mates it had to be quart jugs. In the winter they used to make mulled ale with beer, sugar and ginger mixed. By the 1980s it was a popular Marstons pub wth a basic bar and plush lounge. There was a piano in the bar that was used for the sing-song on a Saturday night. However, in 1988 it was renovated, knocked into one and became a restaurant. Not an improvement!


1879 - 1908 William Bates 1912 Mrs Caroline Bates 1924 Charles Wagstaffe 1926 - 1936 James Wagstaffe 1934 - 1939 George Smith 1983 Les & Elsie Adcock
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