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New Star, 140 Much Park Street

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
17341767STAR / OLD STAR
18221874OLD MITRE
New Star Much Park St The star was originally as religious symbol, referring to the star of Bethlehem or to the Virgin Mary, one of whose titles is 'Star of the Sea' (Stella Maris). Since 1634 a six-pointed star also appeared in the arms of the Worshipful Company of Innholders, previously the guild of Innkeepers. The star as a pub name dates from the fifteenth century. The original Star in Coventry was in Bayley Lane and dated from before 1424. In those days before standardised spelling it was variously the Sterre, Starr or Stare. Meanwhile, the OLD MITRE stood at 140 Much Park Street, near the junction with Jordan Well. The Old Mitre was of unknown age. In 1879 this pub acquired the name New Star. The Old Mitre appears to have taken the name of the Bayley Lane Star, presumably with a change in allegiance of at least some of its customers.
In 1940, during the blitz, the Bayley Lane Star was destroyed and in 1959 the New Star in Much Park Street was closed for redevelopment of the area. The license was transferred to the New Star in Jardine Crescent, Tile Hill. From 1919 top 1927 in Spennell's Directory it is called the NEW INN, obviously a mistake. New Star Much Park St 2


1879 Henry Hands 1881 A. Hands 1886 Angelina Tansley 1890 - 1891 William Denbigh 1893 - 1896 G. F. Atkins 1903 - 1905 T. Padbury 1909 William H. L. Masters 1911 - 1932 Walter Thomas Brown 1935 - 1936 H. Cotterell 1937 - 1938 Thomas Walter Brown 1939 - 1940 R. Johnson
New Star
Street plan of 1851
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