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Oak, 120 Gosford Street

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Oak Second only in popularity to the Red Lion as a pub name. Following the defeat of the Battle of Worcester in 1651, Charles II together with his aide, Colonel Carless, hid from noon till dusk in the Boscobel Oak near Shifnal, Shropshire, in order to escape from his roundhead pursuers. After the restoration of Charles II to the throne, it was declared that May 29th, the King's birthday, should henceforth be celebrated as Royal Oak Day as an act of thanksgiving. The popularity of the pub sign may be attributed to genuine rejoicing that the monarchy had been restored but also comments on the popularity of particular human incidents. This is a Grade II Listed Building. It is 'an early timber framed structure altered in the 19th century by refacing in stucco. It has a tiled roof, rusticated ground floor and a wooden cornice at first floor level'. As a pub it is thought to date to at least 1800. In 1890 it was leased by Phillips and Marriott for 14 years for £24 per annum from Dry & Sons of Cope Street, Coventry. In 1904 it was leased for a further 7 years for £52 per annum and then in 1911 leased for another 7 years for £60 per annum. In 1918 the lease lapsed and the pub was bought by Atkinsons Ltd. The pub was called the ROYAL OAK until 1910 when it became just The Oak Inn. In 1982 it was described as a popular small pub also known as the Shannon Club.


1822 - 1829 Thomas Gilbert 1841 - 1845 George Frost 1850 William Marston 1861 - 1879 William Masters 1881 Eliza Masters 1886 - 1891 A. Masters 1891 - 1896 Charles James Blay 1901 - 1903 John Dutson 1903 James Sidwell 1905 W. J. Sidwell 1906 John Mason 1906 Henry Ford 1908 Alfred Hewson 1909 William Green 1911 Joseph Moore 1914 Joseph Lamb 1921 - 1927 E. Lamb 1929 E. Parkes 1933 - 1936 S. E. Lymans 1937 - 1938 H. W. H. Crane 1939 - 1940 L. P. J. Whatton 1959 John Heath 1960 - 1962 Lydia Felton


1890 - 1918 Dry & Sons, Cope Street, Coventry 1918 Atkinsons Ltd
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