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Old Chase, 43 Gosford Street

Alternative Addresses:48 Gosford Street
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
A Chase was a piece of woodland or a racecourse. In 1801 there is a record of the sale of a house opposite the pub.In 1823 and 1862 there are records that this pub was owned by the Free Grammar School along with a messuage, outbuildings, and a garden. In 1862 it was leased by Mrs. Tuckey for £25 per annum. In 1882 it was sold to Phillips and Marriott for £650. In 1899 they valued it at £1,500. Until 1913 this was a home-brew pub. It closed in 1927. Gosford St 1912 Fry
Gosford Street looking towards town in 1912. (Photo courtesy of David Fry.)


1828 - 1829 Thomas Freeman 1841 - 1851 Giles Smith 1862 Mrs Tuckey 1868 - 1874 Benjamin Lissaman 1879 - 1881 Henry Watson 1882 - 1910 Mrs. Selina Jane Watson 1911 - 1927 Frederick Watson BREWERS: to 1877 Henry Watson 1877 - 1910 Mrs. Selina Jane Watson 1910 - 1920 Frederick Watson


1823 - 1862 Free Grammar School 1882 - 1899 Phillips & Marriott
Old Chase
Street plan of 1851
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