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Old Red Horse, Barras Green

Alternative Addresses:Barras Heath, Stoke, Stoke Allotments, Sowe
Old Red Horse Red Horse Barras Green I do not know where this name came from. In the early years of the twentieth century, Barras Green was an isolated hamlet consisting of the Red Horse Inn and a few cottages. At that time the pub had a football team called 'Stoke Athletic' and the changing room was the pub. From 1845 to 1868 this was called the OLD RED HOUSE in the directories. Was this a mistake? In 1982 it was said the pub 'was once a typical Watney pub, now redecorated in any colour but red'.


1845 - 1850 George Wale 1863 Charles Wale 1868 - 1876 Mark Tuckey 1879 - 1892 Thomas Pinfold 1903 - 1913 Thomas Hawthorne 1919 - 1929 Arthur Charles Robinson 1931 - 1940 Mrs. F. Robinson c1948 - 1950 Mr. Headland from c1950, 12 years to 1960s and onwards Mrs Irene Headland (widow, see below) 1986 Geoff & Sarah Chrimes
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