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Punch Bowl, 104 Spon End

Punch Bowl Spon End The drink punch was established in England by the 1630s and seems originally to have been a sailor's drink. It is normally made in a large bowl, hence the pub name. Pubs with this name would once have sold punch and it is said it was particularly polpular with members of the Whig political party. In 1774 this pub was advertised to let. In 1820 a robbery took place at the Punch Bowl. A group planned to rob the pub, and having broken in helped themselves to a meal. The landlord was woken and apprehended a youth called 'Duckfat' Bradshaw with a piece of pie in one hand and a knife in the other. A neighbour, Mr Lines entered the pub and a scuffle ensued during which Lines was stabbed and killed. Unfortunately Duckfat was something of a simpleton and could not defend himself against a charge of murder, despite public sympathy that he was not one of the original robbers. He was executed on Whitley Common the following year.
The pub was left by Edward (II) Phillips to Thomas Rotherham Phillips in c1837. It closed in 1911 when it became Warner's the bootmakers.


1771 Thomas Priestnal 1820 - 1823 Mr Babbitt 1850 - 1851 William Clarke 1868 - 1891 George Ingram 1893 T. Ingram 1894 - 1909 E. Lester


to c1837 Edward (II) Phillips from c1837 Thomas Rotherham Phillips
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