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Queen Victoria, 12 Victoria Street, Foleshill

Alternative Addresses:Foleshill Place
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Photo Victoria Street 1906. (Photo courtesy of David Fry.) Named from Queen Victoria. The first reference is in the Coventry Standard in June 1840 when the license was transferred from James Hewitt to Thomas Sabin in 1867. George Calcott opened the VICTORIA SPIRIT VAULTS in Victoria Street and in 1871 it was referred to by the same name. In 1872 John Hill of the Victoria Vaults was charged for permitting drunkeness in his house. To 1879 this was also known as the QUEEN VICTORIA, thereafter only as the VICTORIA VAULTS. In 1890 it was leased by Phillips and Marriott for 14 years for £45 per annum from Mrs. Jane Calcott of Victoria Street, Coventry. In 1904 the lease lapsed and the pub was sold to Mitchells and Butlers. In 1929 the license was surrendered to facilitate the transfer of the license of the Wagon and Horses, Well Street, to the Clarence Stores, Earlsdon Avenue. The Victoria Vaults closed on 11th November 1929.


1840 James Sabin 1841 - 1842 Thomas Sabin 1842 Elizabeth Dalton 1861 - 1868 George Calcott & broker & general dealer 1871 Edwin Meakin 1872 John Hill 1872 - 1874 Jabez Calcott 1879 - 1881 Thomas Wilden 1886 William Lea 1890 - 1893 W. J. Robinson 1894 - 1896 J. Castledine 1900 Colin Neale 1903 R.ichard A. Nelson 1905 - 1906 Mary Hayes 1908 - 1912 John Henry Faulconbridge 1912 - 1913 W. Madeley


1890 - 1911 Mrs Jane Calcott from 1911 Phillips & Marriott
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