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Queens Hotel, 66 Hertford Street

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Queens Hotel 1933 The Queens Hotel in 1933. This could refer to a number of queens, Elizabeth I, Victoria or Anne being the usual candidates. It is said that the Queens Hotel was built in 1879 and that it was small and select. In 1896 Harry Lawson, Chairman of the British motor Syndicate, brought Leon Bollee over from Paris with one of his his motor tricycles and lodged him at the Queen's Hotel. This was at a time when the Red Flag Act was still in power. The Red Flag Act forbade any vehicle on the open road from travelling at more than 4 m.p.h., that is unless it was preceded by a man carrying a red flag. This was fine when the only motorised transport on the roads was traction engines but by now it was holding back the British from establishing a motor industry. In what appears to be a deliberate act of defiance the Lord Mayor, Alderman London, with the assistance of six policemen, drove the motorised tricycle from the Queens Hotel through the streets without a red flag. It was definitely capable of much more than 4 m.p.h.
Queens Hotel Nov1940 Unfortunately, the Queens was hit by an incendiary bomb during the blitz of November 15th 1940 (right). Although firemen tackled the blaze on the top floor, it was decided to blow the building up to create a fire-break to prevent the fire reaching the next door Central Post Office. So, in effect the Queens Head was bombed by its own side! All that remained were the dining room and kitchens which continued as the Queens Hotel, being improved and modernised in 1954. I can well remember the pub in Hertford Street in the 1950s although I did wonder why it didn't have a frontage like the rest of the street! It closed c.1966 and was demolished in January 1967.


1886 E. Brenmehl 1890 - 1891 J. Thompson 1893 - 1896 A. Liddiard 1903 - 1905 Thomas Henry Cooper 1909 William Cooper proprietor 1919 - 1922 C. L. Tyack & A. H. Tyack directors 1924 - 1940 R. J. (Bob) Oxley
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