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Radford Hotel, 290 Radford Road

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Radford This was a large private house. It started off as a Roman Catholic School. The predecessor of Sir Roger Tichborne attended the school and married Miss Petre of Whitley Abbey at St. Osberg's Church. Sir Roger Tichborne was the person whose disappearance led to the case of the Tichborne Claimant, a notorious Victorian case. The school's chapel became the function room of the pub. In the 19th century, after alterations, the building became the home of the De Cresse family, who were associated with the Dunlop Rim and Wheel Company in Foleshill. Then in 1900 the house was bought by the Pughs. Vernon Pugh was managing director of the Rudge Whitworth cycle works in Spon Street. His son, Lieutenant 'Dick' Pugh, was a shipmate of Prince George in the Mediterranean and Atlantic Fleets and as a result Prince George, Duke of Kent, stayed at Radford Hall on a number of occasions. The Pughs lived here until 1929 when it was purchased by Atkinsons brewery. The license of the Buck and Crown in Radford was transferred to the Radford Hotel. In the early days, locals played cricket behind the pub and sat in its huge garden whilst the summerhouse gradually fell into decay. The pub was later put up for sale by Atkinsons. The nearby St. Nicholas parish church considered purchasing it to use as a vicarage but in the end decided to build a smaller dwelling at the end of Tulliver Street. The pub was sold to Mitchells and Butlers. The last large building from the old village of Radford was vandalised and demolished in 2002. Radford Hotel


1933 - 1938 Charles Henry Phillips 1957 Herbert Joseph Clowes (see also the Hop Pole, Leicester Row, Gosford Park, Northfield Road) 1960 - 1962 H. Chamber 1983 Ron Freemantle


from 1929 Atkinsons ? Mitchells & Butler
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