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Reindeer, 47 Well Street

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
1841?BEERHOUSE, Well Street
Well St 1930s Looking through from Hales Street to Well Street in the 1930s. The name 'Reindeer' derives from the reins used when the animal is drawing a sledge. The reindeer's magnificent antlers make it a distinctive sign, thought these days to have a sentimental Father Christmas image. In 1840 the Coventry Standard mentions a wager between Mr Oakes, landlord of the Reindeer and Mr East of the George, Little Park Street. In the 1871 Census, this pub is placed at High Street, Coventry. This pub closed in 1906.


1840 Mr Oakes 1845 J. Seekerson 1850 - 1851 Samuel Slater 1861 William Randle 1868 - 1891 Benjamin Read, warehouseman and licensed victualler 1893 - 1903 J. G. Suddens 1905 Mrs. F. Suddens
Street plan of 1851
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