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Rose and Woodbine, 78 Stoney Stanton Road, Hillfields

Alternative Addresses:Harnall Lane, Harnall Terrace, Leicester New Road
Rose Woodbine Stoney Stanton Rd This name is a combination of the rose, the English national flower, with the woodbine. The name woodbine has been applied to several climbing plants. At one time it was used for the convolvulus and ivy but now it is used for the common honeysuckle. It makes a good pastoral name. The Rose and Woodbine was built in 1898 but it must have replaced an earlier building. It is in red brick and terracotta with elaborate Dutch gables and a classically styled ground storey. It was restored by Ansell's in 1981 at a cost of £70,000 and remained an architectural gem in an area of high rise flats and redevelopment. It had closed by 2010. Rose Woodbine Stoney Stanton Rd


1850 - 1861 William Watts 1868 - 1881 John Watts 1886 Robert Cooper 1890 - 1896 H. Hornsby 1903 - 1905 F. J. Hibell 1909 J. R. Evans 1911 - 1913 William Edward Coates 1919 - 1922 Frederick Belton Swingler 1924 - 1929 C. S. Melbourne 1931 - 1932 A. Petty 1933 - 1934 W. H. Arnold 1935 - 1940 W. Stout 1955 - 1957 Leonard Feeney 1957 - 1961 and onwards Jack L. Hull (see above) 1982 John Murphy 1985 Mr. J. Brennan
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