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Sea Horse, 69 New Street

New St Cox Painting New Street by Herbert Edward Cox. This is a name that has been applied to the walrus, also to a fabulous creature that was supposed to have the fore parts of a horse and the tail of a fish as well as the familiar delicate little fish that swims vertically. In 1870 Poole talks of a well sunk in 1654 near the back door of 'what is now the Sea Horse Tavern'. In 1862 this pub belonged to the estate of the Free Grammar School It was leased to Mr. J. Harding for fourteen years for £21 per annum. The lease was due to expire in 1864. In 1872 the fixtures, fittings, etc were for sale and it ceased to be a tavern. The building was demolished in 1881 and the Dispensary was extended over the site.


1841 - 1850 William Dillon 1851 - 1868 John Arden
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Sea Horse
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