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Spread Eagle, 25 West Orchard

Alternative Addresses:26 West Orchard
An eagle with its wings spread out was established as an emblem by the Romans. It is associated with many countries including Austria, Germany, Russia, Spain and France and with the bald eagle, U.S.A. British noble families adopted the spread eagle in their coats of arms after service in such countries, e.g. Viscount Montague in Hampshire and the Hoares in Wiltshire. In 1756 six soldiers were billeted here. Coventry's stocks were nearby. It closed c1906 and was compensated.


1822 - 1823 S. Lynes 1835 John Bodden 1841 Thomas Chattaway 1850 - 1851 George Gibson 1861 Job Snape 1868 - 1874 William Bickerton watchmaker & publican 1879 - 1881 Samuel Fox 1886 - 1891 James Ward 1893 - 1894 William Gough 1896 William Ward 1903 - 1905 G. Davies
Spread Eagle
Street plan of 1851
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Spread Eagle
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Spread Eagle
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