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Talbot, 9-10 Cross Cheaping

Alternative Addresses:Market Place
Talbot Inn Cross CheapingThe Talbot Inn on the corner or Cross Cheaping and West Orchard in 1909. A talbot is a variety of hound formerly used for tracking and hunting. It was white with black spots, heavy jawed with long ears. It had remarkable powers of scent and was the ancestor of modern fox and stag hounds. It was used on the coat of arms of the Talbot family.
Old Talbot In 1756 eight soldiers from General Lambton's regiment were billeted here. Coventry's watchman's box stood in the porch. Given the pub's location near the market it is natural that it was used by the market traders. In 1919 it was one of the properties attacked during the 'Peace Riots' that followed the end of the First World War, see the Kings Arms Hotel for a longer discussion of these riots. This was a home brew pub until c1920 and it closed around 1951 and the license was suspended.


1822 - 1841 Richard Eaves 1850 - 1851 Sarah Eaves 1861 Caroline Eaves 1868 Miles H. Hassell 1868 - 1874 Thomas Twigger 1879 - 1896 Henry William beck 1903 - 1905 Arthur E. Bedford 1909 - 1913 Joseph Cross 1919 Joseph Moore 1921 - 1922 G. R. Owen 1924 C. H. Phillips 1926 - 1927 W. T. Prew 1931 - 1934 W. J. Tasker 1935 - 1936 Mrs F. Ryder 1937 - 1938 P. Capella 1939 - 1940 A. E. Baker BREWERS: to 1877 Thomas Twigger 1877 - 1902 Henry William Beck 1902 - 1906 Arthur Bedford 1906 - 1920 Joseph (or James) Cross
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