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Three Compasses, 17 Thomas Street

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Thomas St VE Day
Thomas Street on VE Day, 8th May 1945.
This is usually a reference to the compass or compasses that appear on the Arms of the Masons (one), the Joiners (two) or the Carpenters (three), or the pub may interpret the name as the kind of compass used by mariners to guide their ships. In the directories the name continually changes between Compasses, Three Compasses and Compass. In 1856 the pub was used for an inquest. In 1858 it was to let and in 1865 the pub was up for sale. On 6th March 1868 William Newbold was fined for keeping his house open for the sale of beer during divine service on a Sunday. The Compasses closed on 14.7.1910 and became a lodging house.


1835 - 1841 Edwin Bradshaw 1841 - 1850 William Ellis. He died in 1850 and his wife, Sarah took over the license 1850 - 1851 Sarah Ellis. The license was transferred from Sarah Ellis to Thomas Allen in 1851 1851 Thomas Allen 1855 John Aspinall. The license was transferred from John Aspinall to William West in this year 1855 William West 1861 Elizabeth Hassall 1864 John Rose. The license was transferred from John Rose to Thomas Hassall in this year 1864 Thomas Hassall 1865 John Hassall. The license was transferred from John Hassall to William Newbold in this year 1865 - 1888 William Newbold 1890 - 1894 J. or T. Arch or Archer. There seems to be some confusion here ! 1896 Laurence Newbold 1898 - 1901 Thomas Gould 1903 - 1904 William Ballard 1905 Mrs. Theresa Sarah Phipps 1907 - 1909 Robert Harris
Three Compasses
Street plan of 1851
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