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Three Horse Shoes Inn, 1007 Foleshill Road

Alternative Addresses:1009 Foleshill Road, Little Heath Road
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
18631924BEERHOUSE, Little Heath
Three Horse Shoes Foleshill Rd This name appears to have come from the first licensee's occupation, that of wheelwright and blacksmith as three horseshoes is part of the arms of the Worshipfull Company of Farriers (1673). In 1906 Phillips and Marriott valued the pub at £2,026, including two cottages and a graden. In 1908 it was the BEERHOUSE, Little Heath. In 1982 it was a 'large, popular local with discos Thursday to Saturday'. Three Horse Shoes Foleshill Rd


LICENSEES: (the BEERHOUSE, Little Heath) 1863 Isaac Edwards & blacksmith 1908 Thomas Walling 1912 - 1924 Henry Sutton LICENSEES: (the THREE HORSE SHOES INN) 1874 - 1900 Joshua Morris, wheelwright & blacksmith 1906 Thomas Walling 1909 - 1929 Henry Sutton 1931 - 1931 John Sutton 1933 - 1940 Mrs E. A. Sutton


1906 Phillips & Marriott
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