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Union Arms, 51 Hope Street

Alternative Addresses:52 Hope Street, Butts Lane, 52 Union Street, Union Place
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
18281965UNION ARMS
Union Arms Hope St This pub stood on the corner of Butts Lane and Hope Street. The name probably comes from the surrounding buildings 'Union Place' as shown on an 1888 map. This name often refers to a political union. Possible unions are that of 1707 which united England and Scotland, or of 1536 uniting England and Wales or possibly the marriage of Elizabeth of York with Henry VII uniting the houses of York and Lancaster. In 1835 and 1841 this is the BEERHOUSE, Butts Lane. The pub closed on 11th February 1965.


LICENSEES: (the BEERHOUSE) 1835 George Welch LICENSEES: (the UNION ARMS) 1835 James Gutteridge 1841 - 1871 George Welch 1874 C. Welch 1879 - 1881 Henry Thomas Macknally 1886 J. W. Franklin 1890 - 1891 T. Price 1893 - 1909 W. Friswell 1911 - 1922 William Henry Horton 1924 W. Hickin 1926 - 1929 F. M. Pritchard 1931 - 1932 Frank Moore 1933 - 1934 F. M. Pritchard 1935 - 1936 D. Hodgetts 1937 - 1940 A. C. Chattaway
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Union Arms
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Union Arms
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