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Victoria Vaults, Derby Lane

Alternative Addresses:Butcher Row
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
18291851BOARD, Butcher Row / Trinity Church Yard
18501851SPIRIT VAULTS, Trinty Church Side / Butcher Row
18511856VICTORIA VAULTS, Butcher Row / Derby Lane
Derby Lane C1905 All the references we have found for this property occur in 1856. In this year the license was withdrawn at the request of the police as it was a 'disorderly house'. Later in the year it was used for an auction and in October the stock was for sale and the licensee, Mr Botterill was leaving.


1829 John Wallis 1840 James Sabin 1841 - 1842 Thomas Sabin 1842 Elizabeth Dalton 1850 Mr Crockford 1850 - 1851 Martha Crockford 1851 George Cobley 1856 Mr Botterill
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