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Wheatsheaf, 886 Foleshill Road

Alternative Addresses:52 Little Heath Road, Old Leicester Road, Little Heath
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
18881892BEERHOUSE, Little Heath
Wheatsheaf Foleshill Rd The wheatsheaf has been a common sign since the seventeenth century and appears in several coats of arms, including the Company of Bakers and the Brewers Company. In 1828 the Wheatsheaf was used for auctions. In 1837 Martha Chattaway was declared bankrupt and the pub, fixtures and fittings were up for sale. Between 1888 and 1892 this was the BEERHOUSE, Little Heath, Woodcock. In 1935 this was a Flowers house. Wheatsheaf Foleshill Rd


1837 Martha Chattaway 1845 John Jones 1850 - 1851 James Bullock Evans 1855 - 1866 John Jones 1868 Luke Hewitt 1874 - 1880 Edward Walter Jordan 1900 John Woodcock 1900 - 1913 Arthur Mason 1924 Frederick Bertie Mason 1935 - 1940 J. C. Walden 1955 - 1957 C. J. Walden 1985 J. Singh
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