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White Horse, 29 Bayley Lane

Alternative Addresses:Hay Lane, High Street
Bayley Lane 1913 The White Horse has been in use since the fifteenth century and is common because of its widespread use. It was the symbol of the Kings of Wessex and is the traditional emblem of Kent. A galloping white horse refers to the Hanovers and dates from the accession of George I in 1714. It is also used by several guilds such as the Carmen, Coachmen, Farriers, Saddlers and Wheelwrights. The first mention we have for this pub is in a will of 1689, when a messuage near to the White Horse was bequeathed. It then appears on Bradford's Coventry Survey of 1748-49, and in 1756 eight soldiers were billeted here. In 1992 Castle Yard was opened up as part of a restoration scheme. It stood next to St. Mary's Hall in Bailey Lane and was previously called White Horse Yard. This yard was mentioned in 1410-11 when it was referred to as 'castelbachous'. During an excavation in 1992 the castle bakehouse was found there. The inn itself stood at the end of a narrow lane alongside St. Mary's Hall. It closed c1932.


1689 Thomas Combley 1773 Mr Burrows 1774 John Rew 1822 - 1823 W. Rodgers 1826 - 1835 Robert Hall 1841 - 1851 Richard Nightingale 1868 - 1871 John Whittem Loveitt 1874 - 1894 Walter Ashbourne 1896 George E. Taylor 1903 - 1913 Mrs. Ann Rose 1919 Clifford Hewitt 1921 - 1922 W. Davey 1924 - 1934 A. Sheffield
White Horse
Street plan of 1851
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