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City, 10 Howard Street (Bailey)

Address:10 And 11 Howard Street
Became:Gate Tavern
This started as a public house in 1874 then began a period as a beerhouse and in c1913 reverted back to a public house license. Before 1874 this was a BEERHOUSE and between 1896 and 1911 it had an on-beerhouse license. It is also referred to at times as 'The Gate Hangs Well'. The Beerhouse does not show on the town planning map of 1888-89, nor on subsequent maps until the 1953-1968 map of Leicestershire where it is shown as a public house on the corner of Jenner Street. The only pubs that are on Howard Street on the 1888 map are the ALMA INN on the corner of Stoney Stanton Road, and the THREE SHUTTLES at No's.34 and 35. Numbering of the buildings seems to have been consecutive numbers on the south side of the street as No's.10 and 11, and 34 and 35 appear on the same side of the street. The buildings at the lower part of Howard Street are long since gone and the area is now a car park for the Hospital. Only the Three Shuttles remains in relative isolation along with 3 adjoining terraced houses including No's 31 and 32. The pub closed on 29th October1978.


1874 T. Bailey 1881 - 1905 Charles Chamberlain 1909 - 1912 Charles Chamberlain junior
City, 10 Howard Street (Bailey)
Street plan of 1939
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City, 10 Howard Street (Bailey)
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