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City, New Buildings (Makepeace)

Address:New Buildings
In the 1841 census Richard Makepeace, 45, is a publican in New Buildings. In 1851 he was 54 with the same details but by 1861 he was a gentleman at a public house at 9 Swanswell Street, whilst his son, Mark Makepeace, 27, was the victualler. The Makepeace family were active in the local licensed trade. We have Richard Makepeace at the Beerhouse, Chauntry Place in 1850 and then the Reindeer, Harnall Row from 1850 to 1851; Mark Makepeace at the Swanswell, Swanswell Street in 1861 then the Hospital inn 1868 to 1894 and the Mount Pleasant, Raglan Street, in 1881; F. H. Makepeace at the Eagle vaults in Spon Street in 1909; Albert Makepeace at the Golden Fleece 1908 to 1924; Wiliam Makepeace at the Hospital inn in 1861 and H. H. Makepeace at the Rainbow in Cook Street 1890 to 1891.


1841 - 1850 Richard Makepeace
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