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Foleshill, 252 Foleshill Road (Dalton)

Address:252 Foleshill Road
Became:Prince William Henry
Alternative Addresses:Old Leicester Road, Coventry & Hinckley Turnpike Road
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Prince William Henry, Coventry There have been various estimates that it dates from 1760 to 1794. It looks to me like a longhouse, that is an early farmhouse, so may be even earlier. It is said that it was originally called the GREEN DRAGON until Prince William Henry stayed here so that afterwards the name was changed to the PRINCE WILLIAM HENRY. In 1835 and 1841 it is listed as simply the BEERHOUSE, Foleshill.


LICENSEES: (the BEERHOUSE) 1835 William Dalton 1841 Elijah Dalton LICENSEES: (the PRINCE WILLIAM HENRY) to 1958 Derek Maynard (see also Tollgate, Holyhead Road) 1958 onwards Robert Rawlinson
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Foleshill, 252 Foleshill Road (Dalton)
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