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Adam and Eve, Mill Lane

Alternative Addresses:1 Cox Street, 1 Jordan Well
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
The Acorn
The Acorn / Adam and Eve on the corner of Jordan Well and Cox Street (previously named Mill Lane).
Adam and Eve were the arms of the Fruiterers Company, although whether this has any connection to this pub I really don't know. It was in existence by 1756 as at this date two soldiers were billeted there. In 1769 it was To Let, and in 1787 a dwelling house, formerly the Adam and Eve, was for sale. It didnt last long as a private dwelling, as in 1790 it was advertised as the Adam and Eve again. In 1801 it was To Let and in 1861 was for sale. It was bought the following year by John Buckingham. There is some confusion as to when it became the ACORN, as the Adam and Eve is listed in Kelly's and White's directory in 1876, yet the Acorn appears in the Lantern in 1868 and Curtis and Beamish's directory of 1874 ! Since the same families appear in these overlapping entries, it is safe to assume that the Adam and Eve and Acorn were one and the same pub. From photographs this was a very small building but at the 1841 census it was occupied by the licensee, William Deemin, and nine family members!


1822 - 1823 W. Read 1835 - 1841 William Deemin 1849 James Yardley 1849 James Hawkins 1850 - 1851 Joseph Burgess 1861 - 1863 John Buckingham 1863 James Deacon 1874 Elizabeth Saint-Cole 1876 William Henry Gardner
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