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Antelope, 72 Gosford Street

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
This fairly common sign is usually heraldic, referring obliquely to the Dukes of Bedford or Gloucester, or perhaps to Henry IV, Henry V or Henry VI. Alternatively (and perhaps more likely), it refers to the Royal Warwickshire Regiment. In 1773 this is the PORCHED HOUSE, the name changing to the ANTELOPE by 1822. It closed in 1927. Gosford St 1912 Fry
Gosford Street in 1912. (Photo courtesy of David Fry.)


1822 - 1835 William Laxon 1841 William Merrydale 1850 - Jan 1852 Thomas Bateman Jan - May 1852 Francis Lamb May 1852 - 1853 John Eburne 1853 - 1874 Thomas Riley 1879 - 1881 Samuel Jackson 1886 A. Slater 1890 - 1894 George Steane 1896 - 1903 George Unwin 1905 B. Clarke 1909 - 1927 Benjamin Gilbert
Street plan of 1851
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