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Bantam Hotel, Hen Lane

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
19361936TOM O' BEDLAM
Bantam The site of the Bantam was previously a small marshy pond where marsh marigolds grew. Next to this was Jones's woodyard, the wheelwrights, with allotments behind and opposite the farm gate to Faulke's Farm. The pub opened in 1936 as the TOM O' BEDLAM, soon becoming 'The PLUME OF FEATHERS', the emblem of the very popular Prince of Wales who became King Edward VIII in 1936. However, when Edward VIII was deemed to have disgraced himself by marrying Mrs Wallis Simpson and abdicating, the name was rapidly changed to 'The Bantam'. This name came from the nickname of a local regiment in World War I, later being applied to Coventry City F.C. With the pub being in Hen Lane, the name Bantam must have seemed an obvious choice. In 1995 the pub was destroyed by fire and not rebuilt, instead being replaced by housing. The licensee in the early 1960s, Tommy Wall, was an ex-fairground wall-of-death rider.

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