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Nags Head, 42 Spon End

Alternative Addresses:29 Spon End
Nags Head A 'nag' is a small riding horse or pony and early signs showing a nag's head probably indicated that one could be hired from the inn. In 1715 there is a record of a rent being charged to Widow Pickering at the Nags Head and it is mentioned again in 1738 and 1741. In 1754 this pub was bequeathed by Elizabeth Dullison to her son Thomas. It was occupied by D. Edwards. In 1756 ten soldiers were billeted here. In 1900 the pub was leased by Phillips and Marriotts on an annual tenancy for £53 per annum from Sir Thomas Whites Trustees. It was a home brew pub at that time as Phillips and Marriott were selling malt to the pub at 6d per bushel. This was later dropped to 3d per bushel. Nags Head DemolishingThey also state that the pub 'shall brew half its ale and purchase half from the landlords' (i.e. Phillips and Marriott). In 1901 it was leased for 10 years for £65 per annum. In 1911 the lease was extended for a further 5 years for £70 per annum and in 1916 the lease lapsed. The Nags Head was an old coaching inn with a large yard and stabling to the rear. It survived the Luftwaffe only to be hit by a demolition squad in the c1962 to be replaced by M&B wine merchants and is now the site of a plumbing showroom.


1715 Widow Pickering 1754 D. Edwards 1822 - 1823 T. Rotherham 1828 - 1829 William Sanders 1835 William Randle 1841 - 1851 William Hulk 1861 Henry Coppock 1866 Henry Hewitt 1866 - 1886 James Thompson 1890 - 1896 H. E. Hanson 1901 Amos Avens 1901 - 1903 Arthur Henry Hewitt 1903 - 1904 H. A. Hewitt 1904 - 1913 Joseph Hewitt 1915 Elizabeth Hewitt 1919 - 1927 Titus Andrew Jeffcott 1929 F. S. Stanley 1933 - 1936 A. T. H. Courtnell 1937 - 1938 S. J. Miles 1939 - 1940 W. J. Edmunds ? Tommy Wall 1962 Albert Harrison BREWERS: 1890 James Thompson


1715 - 1738 Sir Thomas Whites Charity 1754 Elizabeth Dullison 1754 Thomas Dullison
Nags Head
Street plan of 1851
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