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Beehive, 19 Tower Street

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
18381844WHITE LION
The beehive has long been a symbol of industry. It must also have appealed as a pub sign because of its distinctive shape. Until 1844 this was the White Lion and on 13th December of that year an inquest was held at the pub, now called the Beehive. This was a home-brew pub until c1920. It appears to have closed shortly before the Second World War.


1850 Joshua Thompson 1855 Benjamin Kingdom senior 1861 Edward Davy 1861 Patrick Kelly 1865 William Wilkins 1865 - 1867 Samuel Russell 1867 - 1869 James Barr 1869 - 1871 Samuel Russell 1874 J. Deeming 1878 George Barston 1878 Charles Falconbridge 1878 - 1898 John William Twigger (1890 - 1896 R&G / Reporter C. Falconbridge) 1903 - 1927 Mrs Emma Ellen Faulconbridge 1929 A. V. Coldicott 1931 - 1934 W. J. Watts 1935 - 1936 T. Fisher BREWERS: These roughly correlate to the licensees to 1877 George Barston 1877 - 1884 William J. Twigger 1884 - 1887 John William J. Twigger[are these the same person?] 1887 - 1898 Charles Faulconbridge 1898 - 1920 Mrs Emma Ellen Faulconbridge


1878 Thomas King, Cook Street, Coventry later Charles Falconbridge, c/o James Richardson, Carlton House, Holyhead Road
Street plan of 1851
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