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Bell, Bennetts Road South, Keresley

Bell Keresley The bell is a distinctive yet simple shape which has greatly appealed to sign makers over the centuries. Church bells or hand bells are usually those referred to in pub signs. The first mention we have found is in 1847 when the BELL and tenament, along with the brewery on Leicester Causeway and nine other pubs, all in the occupation of Messrs John Jordan & Co, were auctioned. The pub was later owned by Ratliffs until their take-over by Phillips and Marriott in 1899. At this time the pub was valued at £1,000 plus £50 for the adjoining land, and it had a beer-only license. The early licensees did not earn a living solely by running this village pub but had other occupations too. Walter Probert died in 1912 and his gravestone can be seen in St Thomas's churchyard. The original pub was replaced by a modern one, built in front of the original building in 1962. Bell Keresley 2


1841 John & Mary Goode (Goods) (also a sawyer) ? William Goode ? John Neale 1850 John Foster (beerhouse keeper and butcher) 1851 Thomas Wilkinson (agricultural labourer and beerhouse keeper) 1879 - 1912 Walter Probert (also a farmer, collector of poor rates and the King's taxes) 1912 - 1932 Arthur Morris 1936 - 1940 Henry Clarke Bennett 1940 - 1960 J Harry Ward (see also Foleshill Old Hall, Crow in the Oak, Foleshill, and Castle Vaults, Broadgate) 1962 -1968 Derek Kent


1847 Messrs John Jordan & Co 1873 - 1899 Ratliff 1899 Phillips & Marriott
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