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Biggin Hall Hotel, 214 Binley Road

Alternative Addresses:120 Binley Road
Biggin Hall Hotel 1923 This gets its name from the ancient settlement of Biggin. This is a Norse place name, indicating a Norse settlement south of the Danelaw. Later there was a Biggin Hall on the site. The Biggin Hall Hotel was built in 1923 and stands 430 yards south-west of the original moated Biggin Hall, which stood near the junction of Biggin Hall Crescent and Binley Road. It is a large pub on the main road. Biggin Hall Bar Biggin Hall Ingle Nook Biggin Hall Lounge Biggin Hall Smoke Room


1923 - 1940 John Kelly 1940 - 1948 John Kelly junior 1963 - c1966 Walter Bromley who was previously at the Old Ball Hotel, Stoke from 1960 - 62 1989 - 1995 Mick Carthy


1923 Marston Thompson and Evershed A Coventry Evening Telegraph article from 28th July 1961
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