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Board, 16 Spon Street

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Board Vaults 16 Spon St Board means 'to board intoxicating liquor'. In some cases the need for a premises to have 'a board', that is a sign board, suggested this name as some places did in fact display a blank board. However, in this case, the Board identified a person sellling beer from their home; in other words a beerhouse under the 1839 Beerhouse Act, the real origin of the 'public house'. Between 1868 and 1896 there is a gap whilst it was a wine merchants. It was closed in 1930 upon the payment of compensation. The licensee between 1913 and 1922, John William Gudge Slade ('Bill'), was a bricklayer and was appointed to the executive committee of the Coventry City Supporters' Club in 1921. He was later given the surprise opportunity to take temporary control of the team after the sacking of manager James McIntyre in February 1931. After a brief stint in charge Bill must have got the taste for managership as in 1932 he became manager of Walsall. In January 1932 he steered the side to one of the F.A. Cup's greatest giant killings when Walsall beat the mighty Arsenal 2 - 0. He died in 1975 aged 90 years.


LICENSEES: (the BOARD) 1861 - 1868 Ann Hughes (Wine & spirit dealer) 1868 - 1871 Andrew Hughes (Wine merchant) 1896 Walter Tatlow 1903 - 1909 Oliver Tatlow 1911 - 1913 Gilbert Morgan 1913 - 1922 John William Gudge Slade 1924 - 1929 W. Roberts 1932 J. B. Timerick LICENSEES: (the LIQUOR VAULTS) 1871 Andrew Hughes
Street plan of 1851
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