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Bugle, 17 Gosford Street

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
18541856CASTLE INN
18631863WHITE BEAR
Gosford St 1912 Fry
Gosford Street 1912. (Photo courtesy of David Fry.)
A 'bugle' was a wild ox and until the sixteenth century its horn was used as a drinking vessel. Its other use was as a hunting horn, giving rise to the modern sense of 'bugle' as a musical instrument. In some cases the reference may be to a coach horn (or post horn) which was used by the guard on a coach. In 1848 we have mention of the Bugle public house with large carpenter's shop, large garden and a bowling alley. By 1854 it is the CASTLE INN, formerly the Bugle and in 1856 back to the Bugle. In 1863 it has become the WHITE BEAR.


1848 - 1850 Joseph Laws (Low) 1850 Samuel Lawrence (and farmer) 1856 Mr Burbury
Street plan of 1851
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