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Chace, London Road, Willenhall

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
The Chace This was built as a private residence by Dr. Charles Webb Iliffe in 1897, just before his retirement. Iliffe had been a doctor, Tory M.P. for Coventry, county coroner and poor law director. He was also a member of the family that established the Coventry Evening Telegraph (Midland Daily Telegraph at that date). I don't know where the name 'The Chace' came from, but presumably it was a local geographic feature. The house was built with mock timber framing and was converted to an hotel in 1930 when under the ownership of Gertrude Williams. From 1937 to 1940 it was advertised as fully licensed with 18 rooms, AA and RAC rated, and a garage for 20 cars. Chace London Rd After becoming the home of Laura Ashley The Tea Room in October 2018, the Chase was re-branded as LAURA ASHLEY HOTEL THE ILIFFE in 2019.


1933 - 1934 Mrs. Gertrude P. Williams 1960 - 1962 E. I. Cadmore


1930 - 1967 Mrs. Gertrude P. Williams
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