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City Hotel and Restaurant, 1 Broadgate

Alternative Addresses:35 Smithford Street
City Hotel Godiva 1852
The City Hotel depicted during a Godiva Procession, from Benjamin Poole's 1869 History and Antiquities of Coventry.
The name of this pub simply comes from its central location in the heart of the city. A photograph of 1863 shows this hotel to have had splendid wrought iron balconies. In 1865 it was owned by Bablake School. Brewing was carried out at the City Hotel until 1920, the brewers in the twentieth century being members of the Hewitt family. In 1919 the hotel was attacked during the 'Peace Riots' that followed the First World War. The hotel must have closed around 1929 when the license was removed to the Holbrooks Hotel on Holbrooks Lane. The hotel was superseded by Burton's clothing shop.
City Hotel Broadgate
Looking west into Smithford Street from Broadgate. The City hotel is on the right and the Kings Head Hotel on the left.


1841 John Aston 1841 - 1845 Mrs Ann Aston 1850 - 1851 Mary Ann Fisher 1854 J. Judd, Wine and Spirit Merchant (see below) 1861 - 1886 Robert Choules 1890 - 1891 T. Dowse 1893 G. Williamson 1894 S. E. Watson 1896 J. P. Clarke 1903 C. H. Harding 1905 - 1909 Rowland Bradshaw 1911 - 1922 Harold Weston 1924 - 1932 A. W. Greatrex


1865 Bablake School Brewers to 1910 Harry Hewitt 1910 - 1920 Mrs. Annie Hewitt
City Hotel and Restaurant
Street plan of 1893
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