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City Mill Inn, 138 Cox Street

Alternative Addresses:2 St. Peters Street
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Swanswell Mill St Peters St This pub was named after the City Mill which was opposite on the River Sherbourne. The Swanswell was the mill pool. In 1893 it was leased by Phillips & Marriott for 14 years for £36 per annum from Hannah Williamson. From 1901 the lease was from Miss Dinah Cotton of 35 Winchester Street, Coventry. It closed in 1971 as a victim of the Hillfields Comprehensive Development Area.


LICENSEES: (the CITY MILL INN) 1861 Elizabeth Feltham 1868 - 1871 Edward Wakelin (g) 1874 C. Loveridge 1879 John Loveridge 1881 R. Dodd 1886 E. Jackson 1890 - 1891 L. Testot 1893 W. J. North 1894 A. Mason 1896 Mrs. F. A. Bull 1900 Thomas William Wilson 1900 - 1901 James Cramp 1901 - 1902 John Barrett 1902 - 1927 Mrs Anne (Annie) Ellen Marriott (& Alfred E. Marriott) 1929 - 1936 L. C. Jackson 1937 - 1940 Mrs. P. B. Jackson 1965 Mr. Robert Reid


1893 Hannah Williamson 1901 Miss Dinah Cotton
City Mill Inn
Street plan of 1893
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