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Dun Cow, 19-21 Cross Cheaping

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Cross Cheaping 1892.
The dun cow is a legendary beast from local stories, said to have lived on Dunsmore Heath, between Coventry and Rugby. It is said to have been gogantic and to have been slain by Guy of Warwick. I have not encoutered this pub in any of the directories I have consulted from 1822. However, it appears frequently in 'Nat Alcock's Coventry Streets - West Orchard and the Sherbourne'. In this he states that a back block was added in 1798 and part to the rear was detached in 1839. He also mentions a stable and brewhouse belonging to the pub. In 1776 the stable block was replaced and in 1789 and 1861 there was a rebuilding of the main part of the pub.


1694 - 1698 Benjamin Wright & Margaret Hobson 1700 - c1727 Thomas Chalkley 1727 John Vassall to 1776 J. Hewitt from 1776 William, John & Anne Osborne
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