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Eagle Vaults, 1 Well Street

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
18781929WINE LODGE
Wine Lodge Burges Well St The bottom of Burges in 1927, with Well Street in the distance viewed from Hales Street, here showing buildings before the demolition for the new Corporation Street in 1931. The Unicorn occupied the building here shown as W.H. Crofts on the left, and the building on the corner was the Wine Lodge, formerly the Eagle Vaults. The eagle is a Christian and heraldic symbol and has been used as a pub sign since the fifteenth century. It is used to decorate church lecterns because it is a symbol of St John the Evangelist. As a national symbol it represents such countries as the USA, Germany or Russia. In 1874 it was leased by Charles Smith to James Baylis of Halesowen. At some date the lease was transferred to Flowers. These premises became the WINE LODGE around 1878, and was demolished c1929 to make way for the new Corporation Street.


1874 Charles Smith
Eagle Vaults
Street plan of 1851
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