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Fountain Inn, 27 Cross Cheaping

Fountain Inn Burges This sign can be heraldic, referring to the Crest of the Plumber's Company and also the badge of the Master Mariners, or it can refer to a nearby spring or well. Before piped water was a part of everyday life such natural sources of water were of great importance. In Coventry this may well refer to the city's conduits. It is thought that this pub was not established until the 1840s or 1850s and it was a timber framed building. In 1867 we have a record that Henry Howe, who lived at the Fountain, attended Katherine Bailey's Charity School. In 1929 the license was surrendered for the transfer of the license of the Boadicea, Market Place, to the Burnt Post, Kenpas Highway.


1868 - 1874 Mrs Maria Howe 1879 Joseph Frost 1881 A. Thorne 1886 W. Reader 1890 - 1896 J. W. Atkinson 1903 - 1905 A. J. Warner 1909 - 1929 Charles James Davis
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Fountain Inn
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