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Garibaldi, 31 Silver Street

Photo Bishop Street in 1905 with Silver Street on the left. Garibaldi's was at No.31 Silver Street which is just to the right and next door to the Turks Head at No.29. Guiseppe Garibaldi (1807 - 1882) was a great Italian soldier and patriot, remembered especially for his spectacular conquest of Sicily and Naples with his 1,000 volunteer 'Red Shirts'. He visited London in 1864 to be presented with the Freedom of the City and was received with much enthusiasm.
Garibaldi 2010 The Coventry Standard of 2nd September 1864 says that this pub opened with a new licensee, John Pepper. There is a notice of sale for these premises in Coventry Records Office, dated 1882, which is shown on a town planning map of Silver Street 1888 when it appears to have closed as a pub.
Thereafter it became a retail shop. For many years in the 20th century it was a well-known butcher's shop with the wording "Meat at it's best" - complete with rogue apostrophe - painted on the frontage! Right: The former Garibaldi in 2010. (Information and photo courtesy of Cliff Jones.)


1864 John Pepper 1868 J. Westhead 1874 - 1881 James Brown
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