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Turks Head, 29 Silver Street

Alternative Addresses:Bishop Street
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
16351883TURK'S HEAD
1883c1930TRAMWAY INN
c19301972TURK'S HEAD
2014presentTHE ROADHOUSE
Turks Head Silver St Noble families whose members had taken part in the crusades tended to include a Turk's head as part of their arms. In 1635 a house is described as standing on 'school land' near Swines Cross, between the Grammar School and the Turks Head. In 1827 the pub was leased by Thomas Rotherham. In 1862 it belnged to the Free Grammar School and was let to Mr Yardley for £19 10s od per annum. In 1882 it was sold.
Quote from The Character of Coventry by John Ashby: The name was first recorded in an agreement dated 1699. The first name change is given as 1901 when it became the Tramway Inn and that was retained until circa 1934. It then reverted to the Turk's Head. It became the City Centre Pub in 1972 and then the Turk's Head again in 1980. At some intermediate stage it became Aztecs. In 1986 it became The Diplomat and at the time of publication in 2001 was known as The Pride of Coventry. In 2014 the much troubled pub became The Roadhouse, now a live rock music venue.


LICENSEES: (the TURKS HEAD) 1822 - 1823 J. Francis 1835 Thomas Elton 1841 Thomas Harrald 1850 - 1860 William King 1862 - 1874 George Yardley 1879 - 1881 John Russell 1929 - 1934 A. V. Harrison 1935 - 1936 W. E Swain 1937 - 1938 A. E. Swain 1939 - 1940 H. G. Shuttleworth 1940 - 1961 onwards William Smith (see also earlier to 1940 at The Leicester Inn, Stoney Stanton Road) 1983 Colin Taggart LICENSEES: (the TRAMWAY INN) 1886 E. Loakes 1890 - 1891 H. French 1893 - 1894 T. Pointer 1896 L. Pointer 1901 - 1909 Helena Scriver 1909 - 1910 Arthur Ward 1911 - 1913 Thomas Castle 1913 - 1919 Charles Moore 1920 - 1927 Mrs Emily Crossley Moore


1862 Free Grammar School
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