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Golden Cup, 35 Far Gosford Street

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
17821987GOLDEN CUP
c2011c2013BEER ENGINE
Golden Cup Far Gosford St The name is a reference to the arms of the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths. Golden Cup Far Gosford St Old In 1782 the Cup in Gosford Street is mentioned when money is embezzeled from a society that used the pub. In 1785 the pub is for sale, and in 1787 and 1803 to let. In 1787 at team from the Golden Cup played an XI from the Dyers Arms in Spon Street at cricket on Gosford Green.Then in 1820 the Golden Cup is named in a mortgage along with its brewhouse and pig stye. In 1846 it was used for auctions and then in 1858 the Golden Cup was purchased by Thomas Saunders for £530. It is known as a home-brew pub until 1920. During the Second World War the front was damaged by a bomb and temporarily repaired in November 1940. The war damage to the pub was repaired when it was practically rebuilt in 1961 In 1961 it was said that 'although modernised 30 or 40 years ago, it still shows evidence of its early history, for it is reputed to be one of the oldest public houses in Coventry. It was one of Coventry's early pubs and brewed its own beer many years ago'. From 1995 it was known as the BEER ENGINE.


1828 - 1835 Joseph Johnson 1841 - 1851 William Kimberley 1861 - 1876 George Matthews 1879 William Hutt 1881 H. G. Matthews 1884 - 1892 William Freeman senior 1892 - 1896 William Freeman junior 1898 - 1903 Albert Payne 1903 - 1908 John William Shortley 1909 - 1928 John Joseph Mattocks 1928 - 1932 Charles J. Pritchard 1932 - 1936 Frederick William Heath 1936 - 1938 William Lewis 1940 William Lenton 1939 - 1940 W. Smith 1947 - 1952 Jack Davidson 1952 William Riley 1961 - 1964 Harold Wright (see also the Acorn, Cox Street) 1964 John Pearman 1964 Francis Johnson 1995 Aliot Maynard


to 30.3.1820 J. Leigh 30.3.1820 - 21/22.12.1827 J. Saunders from 21/22.12.1827 J. Johnson 1880 William Matthews Brewers to 1877 George Matthews 1877 - 1887 William Freeman senior 1887 - 1892 William Freeman junior 1892 - 1902 Albert Victor Payne 1902 - 1906 James William Shortley 1906 - 1920 John J. Mattocks
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