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Golden Lion, 9 Bull Ring

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Golden Lion Bull Ring Image from the Trinity Lodge website The Golden Lion is a popular sign, referring heraldically to Henry I or to the Percys, Dukes of Northumberland. In 1756 seven soldiers were billeted here. In 1755 The Golden Lion was the meeting place of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Warwickshire (Masons) and again in both 1773 and 1785. The pub was demolished in 1934 in order to make way for Trinity Street. The cellar of a monastery building was found during its demolition.


1822 - 1841 David (Richard) Burrows 1841 - 1851 John Shillcock 1861 - 1868 Thomas Goode 1871 Thomas H. Beecroft 1874 - 1876 David Smith 1879 - 1894 James Hegan 1896 Frank Morgan 1903 - 1905 William Lamb 1909 - 1913 R. McGregor 1919 - 1934 Leonard Beaver 1935 - 1936 R. Spicer
Golden Lion
Street plan of 1851
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