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Grapes Hotel, Radford Road

Alternative Addresses:Bridgeman Road
Grapes Radford Rd I imagine this is a reference to the availability of wine. The original Grapes stood on Barrs Hill on the Radford Road, opposite the site of the present pub. The license and licensee were transferred to the new pub in 1932 The original pub is first mentioned in 1847, when it was for sale along with nine other pubs and a brewery, all owned by John Jordan & Co. This pub was leased by Phillips and Marriott in 1902 with two cottages and land from Swillington's Charity Trustees. The lease was for 7 years at £64/15s/0d per annum, paid to Mr. E. Mander of Kingsdown House, Stratford Road, Sparkbrook, Birmingham; later to Mr. Joseph Phillips of 15 Little Park Street, Coventry. Interestingly, the brewery was in Little Park Street! The lease was renewed for a year in 1910 for £100. In 1911 it was renewed for 5 years for £100 per annum and finally renewed for 14 years in 1915 for £330 per annum. In 1981 the pub's license was renewed with a warning for serving alcohol out of hours. It was described in 1982 as 'a typical large M&B pub of the 1950s. Absolutely nothing to recommend it except that it sells real ale.' Grapes Radford Rd


1845 - 1851 Thomas Allen & cowkeeper 1861 Hannah Allen 1871 - 1879 Thomas Hinson 1893 - 1894 A. Ward 1896 - 1903 Haley Sutcliffe 1904 Joseph Benedict McCarthy 1904 - 1909 Herbert Stringer 1910 - 1913 Frederick Rushen 1913 John Pitman 1915 - 1940 Alfred John Jarrard 1949 - c1960 and onwards John William Harding (see above) 1981 - 1983 Daniel Colgan
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