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Grapes, 27 Warwick Lane

Alternative Addresses:Greyfriars Lane, Hertford Street
Grapes Warwick La I imagine this is a reference to the availability of wine. This pub was thought to be a seventeenth century timbered building. It also said to have been rebuilt timber by timber in the Civil War after being removed from outside the City Walls. In 1935 it was a Flowers house but was destroyed by bombing on 8th April 1941. A temporary wooden structure was used as the pub after the war and this closed on 19th October 1959. The license was transfered to the Styvechale Arms on Kenpas Highway.


1828 - 1829 Samuel Beauchamp 1835 - 1850 Richard Coates 1868 - 1871 Mrs. Elizabeth Butler 1874 - 1885 William Boulton (nephew of Elizabeth Butler) 1885 Thomas Boulton & John Boulton 1885 - 1895 John Edward Keene 1895 - 1896 Sutcliffe ?Hadley (1896 R&G J. E. Keene) 1896 - 1936 George E. Green 1937 - 1938 Mrs. Annie Green 1957 Harold Powell (see also Brewer and Baker, South Street 1957 - 61)


1878 William Boulton later John Edward Keene later Flowers & Sons, Stratford on Avon
Street plan of 1851
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