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Hand and Heart, 119-120 Far Gosford Street

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
This is the Hand and Heart, taken around 1920, from June Gibson of Wyken's collection. In this first photo, look at the windows on the left building - there's only one set of buildings that had windows like that in the entirety of the city`s history. The old silk weavers. They were specially made to allow as much light as possible into the premises... Hand Heart Horse Outing Far Gosford St Hand Heart Far Gosford St 1980s ...and here we have confirmation - same building in the 1980s, now with the pub's name and the Ansells branding. Two right hands holding a heart was an ancient sign of friendliness and agreement. Pubs of this name were often meeting places of friendly societies. A public house of this name is said to have existed in 1851, although not in its present form. On the 12th January 1855 the Hand and Heart was advertised to let. Ralph Clarke, a local carrier, used to leave the Hand and Heart two days a week for Walsgrave. The Hand & Heart pub played host to the emerging Coventry punk scene in the late 1970s. Reggae band 'Hardtop 22' played there; a few months later key members of the band would form the core of the 'Selecter'. On February 23, 1978, a band called the 'Coventry Automatics' played the venue; on Friday December 1, 1978, they returned as the 'Specials'. The rebuilt pub is two-storey with five bays, of brick with stone dressings to the windows and doors. On the first floor a central bay projects slightly and is surmounted by a gable with a moulded coping stone. Set within this gable is a rectangular frame bearing a sculpted 'hand and heart' motif. There are 'A' motifs on the hoppers to the downpipes, standing for 'Ansells'. Hand Heart Far Gosford St 2009 And finally, "The transformation of one of Coventry's most historic areas into a vibrant cultural quarter and centre for creative enterprises is one step closer following the completion of refurbishment work at the former Hand and Heart pub on Far Gosford Street. The pub's sensitive restoration to provide new business space and quality residential accommodation coincides with confirmation of £1.15 million funding from the European Regional Development Fund to continue the restoration of other historic buildings on the street through the Townscape Heritage Initiative. The 15th century grade II listed buildings next to the former Hand and Heart pub are also being carefully restored". It would make a cracking pub though....


1868 Samuel Truslove 1871 - 1879 Joseph William Stokes & watchmaker finisher 1881 Mary Stokes 1886 - 1893 F. Kenning 1894 - 1896 H. P. Johnson 1901 - 1903 Sam Brown 1903 Mrs Gertrude Brown 1905 - 1922 C. J. B. Bailey 1921 - 1922 G. T. Pitcher 1924 - 1934 C. F. Waters 1935 - 1940 A. V. Coldicott c1955 - c1961 and onwards Frank James Allen (see above and below, see also Cottage Inn, St John Street and Swanswell Cottage) thanks to Paul Salisbury for photos 1985 J. A. Miller
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