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Cottage Inn, 15-16 St John Street

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Cottage Inn St. John St, Lil Allen
Lil Allen with three of her children outside the Cottage.
The name appears to be purely descriptive of the premises. In 1835 this was the BEERHOUSE. There was a photograph published of this pub in the Coventry Standard some years ago. It was a small terrace pub advertising Bass. It closed on 21st December 1962 and was demolished to make way for the London Road section of the Inner Ring Road.
Locals relaxing in the rear garden.
Cottage Inn St. John St
St. John Street, showing Cottage Inn before demolition.


1841 - 1851 John Hassell 1861 Joseph Riley, tailor and victualler 1868 - 1874 Robert Taylor, ribbon weaver 1879 - 1896 Adam Killer 1903 E. W. Taylor 1905 G. T. Pritchard 1909 - 1924 Frederick Clarke 1926 - 1940 J. I. Parkes to c1955 Frank James Allen (see also Hand and Heart, Far Gosford Street and Swanswell Cottage) Thanks to Paul Salisbury for photos
Cottage Inn
Street plan of 1851
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