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Holbrook Hotel, Holbrooks Lane

Alternative Addresses:Lythalls Lane
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
1993presentHOLLY BUSH
Hollybush This pub was named after the area in which it is situated. In 1929 the license of the City Hotel in Broadgate was removed to the Holbrooks. It opened in that year and the first licensee, Phil Weston, had a pet parrot which wished everyone a 'good morning' leaving the customers wondering where the friendly voice was coming from. In the 1930s there were 'free and easys' in the lounge with a blind pianist called Hughie and beer at 3d per pint. On a less cheerful note in 1965 licensee Derek William Lloyd murdered his wife, Josephine Clare Lloyd. In 1982 it was described as a vast red brick edifice, very much a product of the 1930s (a few years out there!). 'A good pigeon club, good mild ale and women pool players with tattoos'. It was much busier in the days when the dog track was nearby and the Dunlop factory was full of employees earning good money. In 1993 it was renamed the HOLLY BUSH. This evergreen shrub with its bright red berries, is now associated with Christmas decoration. Previously it was used by the Romans during the Saturnalia, the period of riotous celebrations extending over seven days, often ending in drunken debauchery. The Saturnalia was also celebrated in December.


1929 - 1934 Phil Weston 1935 - 1936 John Bird 1937 - 1938 T. R. Kibler 1939 - 1940 J. B. Timerick 1965 Derek William Lloyd
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