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Holbrooks Tavern, Lockhurst Lane

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
The coming of the railways in the nineteenth century made a huge impact on life in Britain and this was reflected in pub names. In 1843 this is recorded as the OLD BROOK TAVERN. It is a misinterpretation of HOLBROOKS TAVERN. In 1847 the correct title is used when the premises is to let. In 1850 it became the RAILWAY HOTEL when the Coventry to Nuneaton railway line opened. Originally Lockhurst Lane crossed the railway by means of a level-crossing. The present bridge was opened in 1931. In 1961 the Railway Hotel was owned by Marstons and was said to be not more than 75 years old, which would give an opening date of c1886. Given the dates of the licensees, this would mean that there was an earlier Railway Hotel on the site. The bar was reputed to be the largest in the Midlands, being 54 feet long by 20 feet wide. It sold 'all kinds of refreshments and there were first class concerts for which artists were booked from long distances'. Also 'the smoke room, the billiards room, the fine first floor club room with its separate entrance and the recreation paddock at the back gives this house a tone of elegance'. It is now the Indian and Commonwealth Club.


1843 George Yardley (Old Brook Tavern) (See also at the Salutation Inn, 1841) 1847 Thomas Stringer (See also at BEERHOUSE, Lockhurst Lane in 1841 and at the ROSE INN from 1841 to 1845)
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