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Holly Bush Inn, Jackers Road, Aldermans Green

Alternative Addresses:Jackass Lane, Alderman's Green
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
This evergreen shrub, with its bright red berries, is now associated with Christmas decorations. Previously it was used by the Romans during the Saturnalia, the period of riotous celebrations extending over seven days, often ending in drunken debauchery. The Saturnalia was also celebrated in December. Our first mention of this pub comes in 1783 in the Coventry Mercury newspaper. Jackers Road was occasionally referred to as Jackass Lane. In 1824 the Coventry Herald reported an auction to be held at the "HOLLY BUSH, Public House, in the Side Lands, in the parish of Foleshill, in different lots". An article in the Coventry Standard in August 1864 describes the pub as the Holly Bush beer house, kept by Thomas Devonport. In February 1894 the newspapers reported that Mr. Jem Clay (56) had drowned in the Oxford Canal after leaving the Greyhound pub for business. Benjamin Beasley jumped in to rescue him, but Mr. Clay could not be resuscitated. The following month the pub license was transferred to his wife, Elizabeth.


1861 Susannah Barson beerhouse keeper See also at Beerhouse, Aldermans Green in 1845) 1864 - 1866 Thomas Devonport 1879 - 1894 James Clay 1894 Elizabeth Ann Clay
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