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Holly Tree, Little Heath, Foleshill

Alternative Addresses:Near Dodd's Bridge, Foleshill
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
1847c1872HOLLY TREE
The Holly Tree was mentioned as early as January 1847 when, according to the Coventry Herald 'An inquest was held on Saturday last, at the Holly Tree, Little Heath, Foleshill, before W. H. Seymour, Esq., on view of the body of Samuel Poultney, aged 76, who expired suddenly on the 15th inst. The Jury returned a verdict "That the deceased had died by the Visitation of God"'. It is probable that Samuel was related to an early licensee of the Holly Tree, Samuel Poultney, whose pub was reported in the Bell's Life in London & Sporting Chronicle on the 20th March 1853 to be the venue for a 120 yards re-match between contestants Kelly and Diamond, for "£25 a side" (around a year's wage back then!). The following year the same newspaper reported that Thomas Shepherd's Holly Tree would be the venue for a 120 yard match between Michael Wakefield and Richard Allen for £5 or £10 a side. Two years later (1856), and once again that London sports newspaper reported on a "100 or 200 yards level" run between several possible competitors - this time at "John Matthews's, Holly Tree Inn, Foleshill". By July 1863 the Coventry Herald was advertising an auction for the sale of "All that desirable and well-arranged PUBLIC HOUSE, known by the Sign of the HOLLY TREE, situate near to Dodd's Bridge, in FOLESHILL aforesaid, with the GARDEN, Yard, and Appurtenances thereto belonging, as now occupied by John Matthews. In addition to the accommodation for the Business of a Publican, there is a Shop to contain Two A-la-Bar Looms." In May 1868 the Coventry Standard advertised the Holly Tree as To Let - the reason given as "other engagements". By June 1872 the pub was once again up for auction, as advertised in the Coventry Standard as "All that newly-built FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSE, lately known as the Holly Tree Inn, situate at Little Heath . . .", described as being "well situate for a butcher or coal merchant . . . being adjacent to the Coventry Canal". This is the last time a mention can be found in the newspapers.


1845 - 1853 Samuel Poultney 1854 Thomas Shepherd 1856 - 1863 John Matthews
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